String Punk Studios LLC

Producer / DIRECTOR


Along with his degree in Art Direction from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, J.B.Waskul earned a certificate in the Film Industry Training program from Oakland Community College. Since then he has worked on several film projects that were made in Michigan off of the Michigan Film Incentive Program. In addition to Producing and Directing, J.B.Waskul also screenwrites, builds props and designs sets.


Rick Smith - Prof. Dennis Balonium 

Rita E Smith - Mary Kay Keen, Mysteria

Michael Overbay - Dr. Otto Rathburger, Mortimer

Cindy Furdero - Jeanetta Bloom

Geof Bush - Dr. Herbert P. Eldrich, Mayor of Chicomoztoc

Chris Coldren - Jaroslav Rathburger

Peter M. Brown - Police Chief, Capt. Ruby

Jesse Nagy - MI5 Agent AA7

Monica Chavez - Dr. Eva Blut

Zach Damon - Dennis Balonium Jr.

Sherri Bishop - Rita May Rider


Jeff Faust

Victor Peraino

Mark Hankins 

Sparing the Ace


David Calabro - Assistant Director, Puppeter, Set Builder, Prop Builder

Monica Chavez - Script Supervisor

Aralia Almendral/Todd - Director of Photography, Camera Operator

Leo Titus LeBron V - Camera Operator,Technical Support

Robert Barry - Set Dresser, Prop Builder, Grip

William Wardrop - Model Maker, Prop Builder

Steve Catherman - Model Maker, Prop Builder, Grip

Greg Rich - Model Maker, Prop Builder

Cindy Furdero - Puppeteer

Vanya Waskul - Puppeteer

Dan Bisaro - Sound Editor

Mark Hankins - Sound Editor

Joseph Dinda - Editor

Lynne Wardrop - Wardrobe

Carol Ann Smith - Wardrobe

Kyna Waskul - Scenic Painter